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Political Clip Art
Guide picks
Political clip art of elephants, donkeys, presidents, voting, and other political clip art.

Animation Library: Politicians
Politicians, Lincoln, Adams, mayor, Clinton, democrat, donkey, elephant, ballot, Elizabeth Dole, Franklin, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Nixon, republican, Roosevelt, voting booths, etc. Click Next to view all pages. Slow to load at times.

CoolCLIPS: Elections Clip Art
Election clip art of president, White House, political debates, swearing in, political symbols, voting box, etc.

Clips Ahoy: Election Clip Art
A selection of election clip art: a ballot and ballot box, woman voter, and a woman speaker.

Free-Market.Net Liberty Image Gallery
Cursor down past the flags and buttons to the Humor/Sarcasm section for animated and static political humor clip art and images.

NVTech Clip Art
Modern and artistic clip art of the political process.

Tom's Political Graphics
Photos, clip art, and political statements, United States Senate seal, Uncle Sam, and other political clip art.

WVGOP.com: Buttons
A small selection of political buttons: two elephant buttons, capitol, and a flag.

WVGOP.com: Political
A nice selection of elephant and donkey political clip art including a vote image.

WVGOP.com: Presidents
A good selection of black and white president clip art.

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