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Back to School Clip Art and Free School Clip Art

Back to school clip art and free school clip art of pencils and ABCs


School Books Clip Art

Clip art of books with school topic titles and Back to School text.

Bobbie Peachey

How to Download Clip Art

Browse and download back to free school clip art like the sample of the books with school subject titles shown on the right by clicking on this Back to School link, or cursor down the page to go directly to the other school clip art in this original collection.

ABC Clip Art
Decorative ABC's, including "A is for Apple", "B is for Boy", "C is for Cat", plus groups of ABC's

Computer People Children With Books
Computer children with an art brush, books, and one computer child who loves his music teacher

Computer Characters and School Sayings
Computer children with a chalk board, sports balls, and books, plus one computer child that loves summer vacation, and other clip art.

Pencils With School Sayings
Pencils with sayings: "I Love My Teacher", "I Love Reading", "I Love Writing", and other school sayings.

Horse Bookends Holding School Books
Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic books between horse bookends.

Unicorns, Books, and Sayings
A selection of unicorn bookends, unicorns with sayings, and a School Days title.

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