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Top Ten Best of the Net Clip Art Sites

View top ten clip art sites that have been awarded the Best of the Net Award by Bobbie Peachey, the Guide for Web Clip Art.

The ten clip art sites below are listed in number order alphabetically. Each of the sites below has awarded the Best of the Net by the Web Clip Art site. Click on the name of a site below to view the description of the site, a clip art sample, and the inside links to various sections of the clip art.

ABKL Designs
Jan Snow, my cousin, has created a large pixel-by-pixel mouse drawn clip art site with varied topics of images that range from holidays and food to unique military and train clip art. A few of the clip art categories are listed below, plus a military clip art sample.

military.gif - 3.3 K
Military tank created and copyrighted by ABKL Designs

Animation Arthouse
The meerkats are guarding and popping out of their holes, the dragons are flying, and the ravens are dancing in this creative animated selection of images at the Animation Arthouse Web site. A meerkat image and a few links to clip art topics are listed below. The meerkat shown as a sample is static. To view the animated meerkat please visit Animation Arthouse.

meerkat.gif - 4.3 K
Meerkat created and copyrighted by Animated Arthouse Web site

Art by Cheryl.com
Libraries of hand drawn original clip art by Cheryl creates a delightful place to search unique images to use on your Web pages. Links to some of the major categories of clip art on this large site are shown below as well as three samples of clip art. NOTE: At this time Art by Cheryl cannot be reached.

  • Ancient
  • Animals
  • Culture
  • Holidays
  • People
  • Things
cheryl.gif - 14.4 K
Men and flower clip art created and copyrighted by Art by Cheryl.com

Bradley W. Schenck: Computer Graphics
Celtic panels, circles, backdrops, and gripping beasts, dogs, and an animated celtic designed bird is just the icing on the cake in this section of free celtic graphics. There is also a section of Celtic Border Sets, plus examples, that show you how to create your own border patterns. A sample Celtic design is below as well as the links to the various Celtic sections.

celticpanel.gif - 5.2 K
Celtic panel created and copyrighted by Bradley W. Schenck: Computer Graphics

Charlie World
Both static and animated clip art will be found in this clip art site as well as lots of prairie dogs. Cursor down the left hand menu to find static and animated images of girls, horses, cars, castles, quail, dolphins, rabbits, cats, flowers, Christmas, and much more. Below are three small prairie dog samples.

charlie.gif - 2.2 K
Prairie dog clip art copyrighted by Charlie World

Eos Development
Web page background textures and borders, with varied selections of buttons, bullets, pointers, bars, navigation sets, text words, and mix and match sets with styles and designs that range from light and joyful to dark and mysterious makes Eos Development the background site that will appeal to all tastes. A sample background texture is shown below, plus links to the various sections of backgrounds and graphics.

eostexture.gif - 11.3 K
Web Page background texture copyrighted by Eos Development

4 Nuts Only
Have you or a member of your family considered adoption? Would a nut be comfortable in your family circle? If so, then surf on over to the orphanage and choose one of these deserving nutty characters to provide a loving home for.

Peanut.gif - 4.7 K
Peanut adoption sample created and copyrighted by 4 Nuts Only Web Site

Home of the Horizontal Rule
This site is the only one you will need to locate linebars, dividers, separators, lines, bars, or horizontal rules to use on your Web pages. The topics consists of holiday linebars, animated rules, multi-colored dividers, and a multitude of normal lines such as the sample horizontal rule shown below. The corn rule has been reduced in length to fit the size limits of my site.

cornrule.gif - 3.3 K
Cornstalk divider created and copyrighted by Horizontal Rule Web Site

Page Works Toonland
Beautifully animated clip art that ranges from a comic Kirbee vacumn cleaner, adorable babies, and cute animals, to pirates, mermaids, and happy pickles in a jar, plus everything thing in between. Below are links to a few of the special sections of animation and a static sample of clip art. The sample clip art is from the Nursery section and is static. Please visit Page Works Toonland to view all the clip art animated.

kittyroach.gif - 5.4 K
Baby clip art created and copyrighted by Page Works Toonland Web Site

Poison's Icons
Small detailed Native American icons for both Windows and Macs, plus Beautiful Web graphics and backgrounds created by by Sonny Del Castillo are a pleasure to view and to use. Find links to various sections below, plus three small Web graphic samples.

poison.gif - 1.8 K

All sample images have been used with permission of each specific Web site.

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