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School Backgrounds

Download school backgrounds and free school backgrounds of borders and tiles with school themes and images.

  • Back to School and Graduation
    At Blackat's Web Graphics view a Back to School border set with a ruler divider and books with navigational text, plus a Graduation border set of caps and confetti with a sky blue page area.

  • Carousel Backgrounds
    Cursor down the page to the Children's Background Set Index, then under the School Sets on the right hand side of the page you will find a Crayons, a School Days top border set, left hand side border set called Our Class, and a framed table Blackboard Set. Commercial Site.

  • Corkboard Border
    Find a linkware border from Ariel's Studio of a childish drawing of a stick figure, house, cat, tree, and sun on the left hand side with a corkboard text area that includes twelve navigation button images, a title, and divider.

  • Top Borders
    Browse through the top border thumbnails to find a cololful ABC top border wtih a light blue text area and a top row of dark muted books on an off white page.

  • Young Girl at Computer
    Creations at Dawn provides this background set of a young girl sitting with her hands on the keyboard of a computer. The set includes the girl at the computer title graphics, copper designed navigation buttons with text, a copper divider, and small copper buttons.

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