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Photos: Back Then in Phoenix
View Photos of Arizona, Phoenix, and surrounding areas in the 1930's, 1940's, 1950, 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's, page 8.

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Back Then in Phoenix: South Phoenix 1950s

Note: Please be patient which Each photo loads. Each photo is in JPG format and has been resized for Web use at 400 pixels wide.

NOTE: Wanetta Coble, a gracious and interesting senior citizen living in Payson, Arizona, who took a multitude of fascinating photographs through the years in and around Arizona and other states, has kindly given all rights to the scanned images to Bobbie Peachey for use on the Web Clip Art site.

Thank you, Wanetta.

Please read the Terms of Usage before downloading this original clip art.

Central Avenue 1940's
Central Avenue 2 1940's
Phoenix Tall Buildings 1940's
Camelback Inn 1 1940's
Camelback Inn 2 1940's
Camelback Inn 3 1940's
Home 1930's
South Phoenix 1950's
Lettuce Shed on Grand Avenue 1930's
Truck Used to Haul Lettuce 1930's
Phoenix Fairgrounds 1930's
Phoenix Rodeo 1 1930's
Phoenix Rodeo 2 1930's
Phoenix Rodeo 3 1930's
Phoenix Rodeo 4 1930's
Phoenix Rodeo 5 1930's
Orange Groves 2 1944
Orange Groves 2 1943
Orange Groves 3 1942
Old Black Canyon Highway 1940's
Black Canyon 1940's
Castle Rock on the Old Black Canyon Highway 1940's
Papago Park Area 1940's
Arizona Scenery 1 1945
Arizona Scenery 2 1943
Arizona Scenery 3 1940's
Arizona Scenery 4 1945
Arizona Scenery 5 1945
Arizona Scenery 6 1944
Arizona Scenery 7 1942
Phoenix Parade 1940's
Apache Junction 1 1943
Apache Junction 2 1943
Paradise Valley 1950's
Tempe Motel 1 1943
Tempe Motel 2 1943
Flagstaff : Indian Parade 1 1950's
Flagstaff : Indian Parade 2 1950's
Flagstaff : Indian Parade 3 1940's
Flagstaff : Indian Parade 4 1940's
Tucson Observatory 1943
On the Way to Tucson 1943
Lake Pleasant 1 1940's
Lake Pleasant 2 1950's
Lake Pleasant 3 1943
East Verde River 1950's
Clifton, Az. Mine Entrance1950's
Tonto Creek, Az. Fishing 1943
Tonto Creek, Az. Testing the Creek
Tonto Creek, Az. Camping 1945
Tonto Creek, Az. Fish Hatchery 1945
Tonto Creek, Az. Highway 260 1943
White Mountains Apache Railroad
White Mountains Apache Railroad 2
White Mountains: Camping
White Mountains: Deserted Cabin 1958
Classy Outfits 1943 1
Classy Outfits 1943 2
Classy Outfits 1940's 3
On the way to Ajo 1
On the way to Ajo 2
Salt River Canyon Globe Area
Salt River Canyon Bridge
Superior Mine Smoke
Ashfork Camping
Strawberry Schoolhouse
Apache Trail
Route 260 1950
Route 250 On The Rim to Heber
Route 260 1950 On Top of The Rim
Pine Top
Roosevelt Dam 1930's
Boulder or Hoover Dam 1950's
Canyon Lake 1960
Canyon Lake 1940
Canyon Lake 1945
Canyon Lake 1940's
Apache Lake
Apache Lake 1945
Apache Lake: Fishing
Apache Lake: Fishing Trip
London Bridge 1985 1
London Bridge 1985 2
California: Donner Pass
California: Monterey and Ford Ord Sign
California: Fort Ord Barricks
California: Beached at Monterey 1
California: Beached at Monterey 2
California: Oakland 1930's
California: Long Beach
California: Long Beach Army and Navy Club 1
California: Long Beach Army and Navy Club 2
Chicago: From the top of the Prudential Building 1958
Cincinnati 1941
Generations: Wanetta Coble 2003
Generations: Elizabeth and James Norris
Generations: Mary Elizabeth (Duncan) and William Thornton Kent
Generations: Martha Milisa Norris

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All clip art, photo objects, and backgrounds in these collections of clip art created by Bobbie Peachey. All photo clips and photographs taken by Bobbie Peachey unless otherwise referenced.

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