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Black and white certificates with great drawings that may be printed to use for play money, gift certificates, colored, resized, and modified in any way.

The following black and white certificates have been placed in public domain by Joseph d. Rudmin. The certificates, which comes with some nice artwork, are designed to be rewritten (on the back) to say whatever you want them to say, and may be used for play money, awards, or gift certificates, and games. The certificates may be modified, the format changed, they may be sold (uncopyrighted). They may NOT be copyrighted by anyone other than the creator of the Valley Plaudet Foundation certificates, Joseph Rudmin.

Each one also comes with a watermark file; that way, if someone wants to secure their certificates, they can put the watermark where they want on the image.

To whom it may concern:
I hereby claim irrevocably and permanently for the public domain, here in the United States of America and world wide, all the designs, works, writings, and ideas in this folder, and their derivatives. This claim includes the use of Plaudet certificates and the design of the Valley Plaudet Foundation. Nothing in this folder may be copywritten, restricted, or made a trademark in any way.
Joseph D. Rudmin

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