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Create Clip Art of Simple Bullets

Create clip art of simple bullets using a graphics program or paint, plus ovals, circles, lines, or a drawing tool or brush.

Bullets can be used to call attention to special content, set apart lists, and to seperate topics on your Web pages.

aa1b.gif - 0.9 KSpecial Content
aa1b.gif - 0.9 KLists
aa1b.gif - 0.9 KSeperate Topics

What you need to know before creating bullets.

Create simple clip art using your own graphics program, such as Paint, Paint Shop Pro, etc. You will need a program that allows you to draw circles, squares, lines, and rectangles. You will also need to be able to fill (or paint) in colors. Your created clip art will be on a white background. If you want to use your clip art on a colored Web page background you will need a program that will allow you to turn the clip art background transparent.

Become familiar with your program. You will need to know how to choose a color, how to fill a circle or square with color, how to choose a tool to draw with, such as the circle, rectangle, line, or a free hand drawing tool (pencil or pen), etc. Many programs have tools that are easily identified.


  • An image of paint bucket with a drop of paint spilling out is the fill tool.
  • A straight diagonal line represents the line drawing tool
  • A pencil normally represents a free hand drawing tool
  • A brush image sometimes represents a thicker free hand drawing tool
  • An airbrush is sometimes represented by a can with spray coming out of the top
  • A square image on a button could represent the ability to draw a square or a rectangle, or may, if you click on that button, give you the option of choosing to draw a circle, oval, square, or rectangle
  • Small squares of colors or a line of colors represents the various colors you may choose to paint or fill with.
  • You will need a paint program or graphics program that will allow you to draw circles, fill the circles with a color, and an airbrush to create a light colored highlight. If you want to add a drop shadow or turn the bullet background transparent you will also need a graphics program that has the option to add a shadow and to transparent backgrounds, as well as the knowledge on how to use these options.

    1. Choose the circle or oval tool and draw a circle.

    2. Choose a medium blue and fill the circle in with the blue color.

    aa3.gif - 1.0 K

    aa4c.gif - 1.1 K NOTE: If you have a tool that allows you to select the circle, use it now to select the circle. If you don't have the tool you may need to clean up any paint that spills outside your circle when you use the airbrush to place a highlight on your bullet. (You can clean up the color that has splattered outside the circle by selecting the background color (white) and the pencil or brush and carefully paint the splattered color white.)

    3. Choose a fairly light blue color.

    4. Choose the airbursh and spray the lighter blue in the upper left hand portion of the bullet.

    aa3b.gif - 1.4 K

    If you don't have an airbrush, choose the pencil or paint brush and a blue color a few shades lighter than your circle color. Draw a highlight shape on the circle and color it in. Experiment until you are satisfied with your creation.

    aa1d.gif - 1.0 K

    aa4c.gif - 1.1 KNote: Now is the time to turn the background transparent if you choose to and if you have this option. Copy your bullet as a new image, and use your transparent feature to turn the background transparent.

    5. Add a drop shadow to your bullet. You will need the option to "select" the bullet you just highlighted. After you select it, choose black for your shadow color, and use the drop shadow option to add the shadow.

    aa3c.gif - 1.8 K aa1e.gif - 1.4 K

    Copy and save this drop shadowed bullet as a new image.

    Your created bullets, one with a highlight and one with a drop shadow are now ready to be used on any white Web page background or used on any desktop publishing project that uses white paper. If you had the option to transparent the bullet background, your transparent bullet may be used on any colored Web page background.

    Create more bullets by using circles in various sizes and in various colors.

    aa1.gif - 0.9 K aa1b.gif - 0.9 K aa1c.gif - 1.1 K

    aa2.gif - 0.9 K aa2b.gif - 1.1 K aa2c.gif - 1.4 K

    aa4.gif - 0.9 K aa4c.gif - 1.1 K

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    All clip art, photo objects, and backgrounds in these collections of clip art created by Bobbie Peachey. All photo clips and photographs taken by Bobbie Peachey unless otherwise referenced.

    Please email me to recommend a site, or with questions, comments and suggestions.

    © Bobbie Peachey. All rights reserved.

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