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Create Simple Clip Art Flowers
Create your own clip art of flowers using a paint or graphics program and simple shapes and lines.
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What you need to know before creating a clip art.

How to Download Clip Art

Create clip art flowers using simple shapes and lines. You will need a paint program or graphics software program capable of copy and paste, with the option of doing shapes (ovals and circles), and the ability to draw a straight line. It would also help if your program has a mirror option and a rotate option.

Step One
Use an circle or oval shape in a color of your choice to draw a small circle.

fpc1.gif - 1.0 K

Step Two
Copy and paste this circle next to the first circle. Slightly overlap the circles. Continue this step until you have a circle design something like the one below. There are not perfect flowers in nature so your clip art flower does not have to be perfectly round.

fpc3.gif - 1.4 K

Step Three
Change your color to yellow and with the oval shape draw a slight oval in the middle of your flower shape.

fpc4.gif - 1.5 K

Step Four
Use the drawing tool to draw a triangle shape, then copy the triangle, paste it, and use the rotate option of your program to rotate this triangle 90 degrees.

fpc5.gif - 1.0 K fpc6.gif - 1.0 K

Create a different shaped leaf by using the oval shape and a shade of green as the fill color. Draw one small long oval, change the fill color to white and draw another small long oval on top of the first oval. When you get the desired shape, copy and paste this shape next to your first shape, then use the mirror option to turn the shape to create an open leaf pattern.

fpc11.gif - 1.4 K

Step Five
Copy and paste the flower image and the leaf images to create your simple basic flower.

sflow5.gif - 1.7 K

Step Six
Use the steps above to create more flower shapes. Experiment with other shapes, explore other patterns, and have fun.

sflow1.gif - 3.4 K

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