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Cat Clip Art: Cats On Velvet Pillows
Find cat clip art of large, medium, and small white cats on red or blue velvet pillows, plus sayings, titles, and a list of cat rules.
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How to Download Clip Art

Browse and original Cat Clip Art that includes white cats on velvet pillows of red, blue, green, pink, teal, and plum and with the same colored bows around their necks, plus cat sayings, such as "I Love My Cat" and a list of cat rules.

A few samples from this original clip art collection are shown below.

acat42.gif - 5.8 K

acat21.gif - 6.3 K acat30s.gif - 7.8 K

Please read the Terms of Usage before downloading this original clip art.

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All clip art, photo objects, and backgrounds in these collections of clip art created by Bobbie Peachey. All photo clips and photographs taken by Bobbie Peachey unless otherwise referenced.

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