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Create Simple Houses and Trees
Create a simple house and tree scene using rectangles, ovals, plus a line tools or drawing tool and colors.
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How to Download Clip Art

What you need to know before creating a house.

How to Download Clip Art

You will need a paint program or graphics program that will allow you to draw rectangles and ovals. You will also need to be able to fill the rectangles and ovals with colors. If you want to add a drop shadow or turn the house background transparent you will need a graphics program that has the option to add a shadow and to transparent backgrounds, as well as the knowledge on how to use these options in your paint or graphics software program.

1. Choose the the rectangle and black color. Draw a rectangle.

2. Use the rectangle or the square option to draw windows and a door.

hou1.gif - 1.1 K

3. Using the rectangle tool to add a thin rectangle that extends out past your house.

hou2.gif - 1.1 K

4. Use the line tool or the drawing tool to add slight diagonal lines and a straight line to create the house roof.

hou3.gif - 1.1 K

5. Use the rectangle tool to add a chimney to the roof.

hou4.gif - 1.1 K

6. Use the oval tool to tree tops on each side of the house.

7. Use the rectangle tool to create thin tall rectangles for the tree trunks.

hou5.gif - 1.4 K

8. Use the rectangle tool and the oval tool to create a smaller tree on one side of the house.

hou6.gif - 1.4 K

9. Use the drawing tool, pencil, or brush and the color white to color the black line in the middle of your smaller tree.

hou7.gif - 1.4 K

10. Use your paint brush, pen, or fill tool (paint bucket) to color your house roof red.
11. Color the eaves of the house (that thin rectangle just above the basic house) a dark red.
12. Fill or color the door dark red.
13. Color of fill the windows a very, very light blue.
14. Color or full the house a light gray and the chimney a dark gray.
15. Fill or color the tree tops green and the tree trunks brown or black.

hou8.gif - 1.9 K

Note: Now is the time to turn the background transparent if you choose to and if you have this option. Copy your house as a new image, and use your transparent feature to turn the background transparent. If you do not want to transparent the background of your house, copy and save this image to your hard drive.

If you have an airbrush option you might want to add highlights to your house and trees. Use a very light color of the darker color you are going to highlight. Highlight the roof, door, and tree tops. You could also add a tiny circle of bright yellow for the doorknob, and add black lines to the window for window panes.

hou9.gif - 2.3 K

Drop Shadow
You may add a drop shadow to your image, if your paint or graphics program has this option, before or after you highlight the clip art.

hou10.gif - 3.2 K

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