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How do I find Clip Art? - About.com
How to find clip art by using search engines and graphics rings and clip art sites.
How to Download Clip Art and Photos From the Web - About.com
When you find a clip art image that you like, make sure it is legal for you to use it. Look for a licensing statement that gives you instructions on how and if you can ...
Clip Art Copyrights - About.com
I've placed this collection of clip art in the public domain for use on personal or commercial Web pages. Do Not put these images in a collection of clip art or sale  ...
Ten Ways to Modify Clip Art - Desktop Publishing - About.com
An otherwise perfect piece of clip art that is simply facing the wrong direction may need nothing more than a flip - reversing its direction. This is easy to do in any ...
What is Clip Art and Why is it Called That? - Desktop Publishing
Today, clip art comes on CD-ROM or can be downloaded from the Web. Clip art comes in many styles and can be used as-is or as a starting point for creating ...
Insert Pictures & Clip Art in Microsoft Word 2013 - Word Processing
Do you want to learn how to insert Clip Art in Word 2013? Or maybe you want to ad to your knowledge of Clip Art, such as finding images that use the same style ...
Crop Clip Art to Show Only the Parts You Want - Desktop Publishing
There's no rule that says you have to use the entire clip art image. Crop out parts you don't want or don't need. Cropping clip art can help to focus on important ...
Can You Use Clip Art on Resale Products? - Desktop Publishing
Normally, the use of clip art images in ads, brochures, and newsletters is covered in the license agreement. However, some companies do impose certain limits.
Use the Right Clip Art Format - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Clip art images on the Web are bitmaps. ... There are specialized tools to do the job although some illustration programs include an auto-trace function that may ...
Resize Clip Art to Fit Your Layout - Desktop Publishing - About.com
However, resizing clip art isn't difficult if you follow a few guidelines. ... Bitmap images that need to be larger can sometimes be resized up to 10% larger without  ...
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