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What Can I Make With Clip Art – Special Projects Using Clip Art
We all know we can use clip art for an invitation, a greeting card or a newsletter but these links will give you interesting things to make with clip art. Enjoy!
Clip Art Copyrights - About.com
Clip Art Copyrights. What copyrights are, who they protect, and how they pertain to clip art. ... Changing clip art that you did not create does not make it yours.
How to Make Gum Wrapper Paper Chains Using Clip Art - About.com
Visual Instructions on how to make a paper chain using clip art.
Ten Ways to Modify Clip Art - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Take the clip art apart and use bits and pieces of the image. It's easier with vector images but with careful use of selection and cropping tools you can make ...
Can You Use Clip Art on Resale Products? - Desktop Publishing
Can you use the clip art you bought on resale products such as t-shirts, greeting ... Unfortunately, not all companies make it easy to discern whether or not resale  ...
Colorize Black and White or Grayscale Clip Art - Desktop Publishing
This reddish brown tint is often applied to photos to make them look old. The same process can be applied to most any piece of clip art.that's been converted to ...
Modify Clip Art - Use Repetition to Multiply the Effectiveness of a ...
If one piece of clip art is good — 2, 3, or 4 are even better, right? Could be. Try these illustrated repeating ideas. Take a single piece of art and make several ...
Creativity With Clip Art: How To Use The Clip Art Library
You can use the clip art to design and decorate your web site. Use the art to make components for your web site--banners, buttons, bullets, page separators, ...
Use the Right Clip Art Format - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Clip art images on the Web are bitmaps. ... If the image you want to use is not in the optimal format for the kinds of modifications you want to make, convert it.
Use Less Clip Art - Rules of Desktop Publishing
Cut the clip art clutter. Clip art is wonderful, abundant, and fun to use. It can spice up fliers, newsletters, and posters. Yet too many pictures on a page make it ...
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