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How to Download Clip Art


Dixie Allan

The instructions for downloading clip art, graphics, photos, etc are all the same if you are using Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. If you are using AOL instruction will follow.

When you find a clip art image that you like, make sure it is legal for you to use it. Look for a licensing statement that gives you instructions on how and if you can use the image.

Put the mouse pointer over the clip art and right-click for Windows or click-and-hold for a Mac. If there is a link to the image instead of a picture right-click for Windows or click and hold for a Mac on the link.

A pop-up menu will appear and you should choose Save As, Save Image As or Save Picture As, depending on the browser you are using. For links, you should choose the Save Target As option.

After you have chosen the Save option, choose the folder or directory where you want to save the image, rename the image if you want, and download the clip art.

Tips for Downloading Using AOL

AOL users must disable the compressed images option by going to My AOL / Preferences / WWW / Web Graphics and make sure that Use Compressed Graphics is NOT checked - if it is checked make sure to uncheck that option.

Essential Clip Art Information

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