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On-Site Clip Art For Holidays, Special Occasions, Events and Awareness Days

Clip Art for Holidays, Special Occasions, Events and Awareness Days


Clip Art of A Holidays Banner
Dixie Allan

Looking for the original on site clip art collections? This is the place to go for original clip art, clip art for holidays and special occasions, events and awareness days.

All Major Holidays, Special Occasions, Events, and Awareness Days


According To Hoyle Day
Adopt A Cat Month
Adult Literacy Month
Alaska Day
Agriculture Day, National
American Bald Eagle Day
Apple Month, National
Albert Einstein's Birthday
Arbor Day
Australia Day
Alzheimer's Disease Awareness
American Beer Day
American Family Day
American Heart Month
Appreciate A Dragon Day
April Fools' Day
Armed Forces Day
Assistance Dog Day
Assistance Dog Week,International
Astronomy Day and Week
Australia National Flag Day
Autism Day and Month, World
Aviation Day,National


Baby Safety Month
Backward Day
Bat Night, International
Balloon Ascension Day
Beheading Day, National
Bike To Work Day, National
Bird Day
Black Family Month, National
Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Book Month, National
Bowling Week, National
Boxing Day, National
Braham Pie Day
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Buck Moon Day
Bubble Bath Day


Butterfly Awareness and Education Day
Canada Day
Canadian Family Literacy Day
Candy Corn Day
Carousel Day, National
Cat Herders Day
Catfish Month, National
Childhood Cancer Awareness
Cherry Month, National
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, National
Children's Book Week, National
Children's Day, National
Chinese New Year
Chocolate Day, International
Chocolate Cake Day
Cinco de Mayo
Cleaning Week, National
Clown Week, International
Columbus Day
Constitution Day
Crime Stoppers Month
Cuckoo Dancing Week

D | E

Dare Day
Day of Peace, International
Day of the Cowboy, National
Day of The Cowboy, National
Dictionary Day
Dog Day, National

Dog Days


Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, International



Earth Day
Election Day
Elephant Appreciation Day
Elvis Presley Memorial Day
Etiquette Week, National
Extraterrestrial Abductions Day


Family Week, National
Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend
Family Literacy Month
Fibonacci Day
Farriers Week, National
Father's Day
Flip Flop Day, National
Fight Chilhood Cancer Month
First Day of Spring
Fly A Kite Day, National
Forgiveness Day, Global
Forgiveness Day, International
Friday the Thirteenth
Friendship Day, International
Fragrance Month, National
Frog Month,National


Garden Month, National
German American Heritage Day
Girlfriends Day, National
Girl Scout Day, National
Global Forgiveness Day
Golf Month, National
Grandparents Day, National
Great American Smokeout Clip Art
Great Outdoors Month
Groundhog Day


Hamburger Month, National

Happy Cat Month
Hat Day, National
Hobbit Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day, International
Homeless Animals' Day, International
Honey Month, National
Hot Dog Month
Hugging Day, National
Hunting and Fishing Day

I | J | K

I Love Yarn Day
Ice Cream Month, National
Independence Day
International Elderly Day
International Literacy Day
International Migratory Bird Day
International Thank You Day
International Top Spinning Day
International Women's Day
International World Peace Day Clip Art

National Juneteenth Day
J.R.R.Tolkien Day
Johnny Appleseed Day
Juggling day,World
Juvenile Arthritis Month

Kazoo Day, National
Kiss and Make Up Day

Kite Month, National


Labor Day
Leap Year Clip Art
Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day
Left Handers Day, International
Library Week, National
Lighthouse Day, National
Lincoln's Birthday
Lollipop Day, National
Love Your Pet Day
Lucky Penny Day


Macintosh Computer Day
Made In The USA Day
Make Your Bed Day
Marshmallow Toasting Day, National
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
May Day
Mayflower Day
Memorial Day
Mental Health Awareness Week
Mother's Day
Missing Children Day
Mule Days
Mushroom Month
Music in our Schools Month

N | O

National Day of Service and Remembrance


Handshake Day, National


No Rhyme Nor Reason Day


Nurses Day, National
Native American Citizenship Day


Oceans Day, World

P | Q

Pancake Day, National
Paul Bunyan Days
Parents Day
Patriot Day
Peach Ice Cream Day
Peanut Day, National
Peanut Butter Day, National
Pecan Month, National
Pet Week, National
Peace Day International
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Penguin Awareness Day, National
Pharmacist Day, National
Pharmacy Week, National
Piano Month, National
Pi Day, National
Pig Day, National
Play-Doh Day, National
President's Day
Purple Heart Day
Puzzle Day, National


Rain Day
Random Acts Of Kindness
Ratcatchers Day
Red Hat Society Day
Relaxation Day
Ride The Wind Day
Rose Month, National

Rosh Hashanah


Rubber Ducky Day, National



Safe Kids Week, National
S'mores Day
Salad Week, National
Save The Eagle Day
School Nurse Day, National
Scrabble Day, National
Scrabble Championship Week, National
Senior Citizens Day, National
Sewing Machine Day
Sewing Month
Skyscraper Day
Smile Week, National
Spinning and Weaving Week, National
Squirrel Appreciation Day
Student Nurses Day, National
Summer Solstice
Super Bowl Sunday Clip Art
Supermoon 2013
Sushi Day, International


Take Your Dog To Work Day
Talk Like A Pirate Day, International
Talk Like Shakespeare Day
Teddy Bear Day
Tennis Month
Thank You Day Clip Art
Thesaurus Day
Tick Tock Day
Toasted Marshmallow Day, National
Tolkien Week
Tooth Fairy Day, National
Tootsie Roll Day

U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Uncle Sam Day

Vegetarian Awareness Month
Veterans Day
Waffle Day, National
Walk On Stilts Day
Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week, National
Water Melon Day, National
Wildlife Week, National
World Handshake Day
World UFO Day
World Smile Day

Washington's Birthday
Watermelon Day, National
Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week, National
Wear Red Day, National
Who Is Fibonacci Day, National
Wildlife Week, National
World AIDS Day Clip Art
World Alzheimer's Day and Month
World Autism Day
World Cancer Day
World Environment Day
World Heart Day
World Juggling Day
World Laughter Day
World No Tobacco Day
World Tourism Day
World Turtle Day
Worldwide Art Day
Wright Brothers Day
Yellow Pig Day
Yo-Yo Day, National
Zoo Keepers Week, National

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