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Testing Free Online Image Resizing Applications


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Online applications are becoming very popular. With online applications and services, you don't need to download and install them on your computer - just open your internet browser and access the applications online. I have been testing free online image resizing applications and have found them to be very useful.

Online image resizing programs are applications that help you resize and/or crop clip art or photographs. These programs are especially useful for those who don't have image editing software and for those who don't want to over-fill their hard drive.

For this review we will consider clip art, image, photo or photograph one and the same.

  1. Quick Thumbnail Quick Thumbnail truly is the fastest way to resize your images - choose an image file, select your resize options and hit Resize it. One of the resize options that I like is the ability to resize according to standard sizes. There is drop-down box that allows you choose from icon sizes, sizes for the web or sizes for standard monitors. This site has no spyware and no pop-ups, just a really great application.
  2. Web Resizer This application has many options like reduce image size, sharpen images, adjust brightness and contrast, crop photos, add a border and more. Another nice feature with WebResizer is that it needs no registration,
  3. Photo Size Photo size will resize your clip art or image to any size. Select the image or photo you want to resize from your PC, enter the height and weight for the image and then hit the submit button. It will resize the image and then allow you to save the image.
  4. Cut My Pic In three simple steps you can upload a picture, cut and customize it and then save it to your computer or mail it to a friend. There are more features that make this program useful.
  5. Resize It You have three options with this applications. Resize a portrait photo, resize a landscape photo and crop a photo. All three options have a wizard that guide you through the steps to resize your image.

If I were to rate these programs, the Quick Thumbnail would come out on top but they all do a fine job resizing images.

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