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What Can I Make With Clip Art

Special Projects Using Clip Art


A rolled paper wreath to make using clip art
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Here are links to pages that answer the question – What Can I make With Clip Art?.

This is a wide variety of projects that all have one thing in common – using clip art in an unusual way. We all know we can use clip art for an invitation, a greeting card or a newsletter but these links will give you interesting things to make with clip art. Enjoy!

How to Make Box Toys
How to Decorate Cupcakes Using Clip Art
How To Make a CD Sleeve
How to Make Rolled Paper Beads
How to Make a Rolled Paper Wreath
Make a Table Centerpiece
How to Make a Paper Chain
How to Make a Pennant Flag
How to Make a July 4th Pinwheel

How to Download Images

Essential Clip Art Information

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