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How To Decorate July 4th Cupcakes Using Clip Art


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How To Decorate July 4th Cupcakes Using Clip Art
Clip Art of Cupcakes for the Fourth of July
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Here is a really easy way to decorate your holiday cupcakes and make them "unique".

On the following pages you will find sheets of clip art you can print and use to decorate your cupcakes. Follow the directions below and you will have festive cupcakes like none other!

  • Download the sheet of clip art you want to use.
  • Print the sheet. (It fits a standard size sheet of paper, 8.5" X 11")
  • Cut Out the Images
  • Glue the cut out images to a toothpick using plain white glue and let dry.
  • Stick a decorated toothpick in the top of each cupcake and enjoy!

Page 2 - Sheet July 4th Images
Page 3 - Sheet of July 4th Emblems

How to Download Images

How to Decorate Cupcakes

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