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Clip Art and Graphics Glossary


A glossary of the most frequently used clip art and web clip art terms.

1. Animated clip art

Animated clip art contains a file that has a number of images or frames to be displayed successively, giving the impression of continuous motion. 

2. Applet

An applet is a JavaScript application that performs one specific task that runs within the scope of a larger program. The script allows images to move or to react in a certain way. As an example, the appearance of snow falling on a web page or a stream with moving water.

3. Arrows

Arrows are triangle shaped images or any shaped image that has one unique side that could be used to point to a specific area or a specific part of a webpage.

4. Avatar

A graphic representation of a real person in cyberspace.

5. Banner Ad

A graphic image used on a website to advertise a product or service.

6. Banners

Banners and headers are images used as web page titles or headers.

7. Blinkies

Blinkies are small animated images that are used as email signatures in forums email or in blogs.

8. Blog

A blog is a web journal, a diary or a web log to record online stories, interests, and daily life. The word blog is a blend of the term web log.

9. Bullets

Bullets are used to draw attention to a specific area, to highlight a specific group of text or to set apart a group or list of items.

10. Clip Art

Clip art is a term associated with graphics, images and illustrations inserted into desktop publications or business applications and is now a term that is widely used on the world wide web for clip art, backgrounds, animated images, etc. that have been created in formats exclusively for web page use. Clip art can be downloaded from the web or purchased on cd's. Electronic clip art comes in both bitmap and vector formats and can be produced using traditional drawing methods or created on the computer.

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