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2014 Vintage Valentine Cards


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Heart Shaped Valentine
Public Domain

Here you will find a collection of Vintage Valentine Cards. Bring back memories and send these beautiful cards to all your friends and family.

Page 1 - Boy and Girl with Her Doll

Page 2 - Boy, Girl and a Heart

Page 3 - Cupid and Artist Palette

Page 4 - Cupid and Bowl of Hearts

Page 5 - Girl with Valentine

Page 6 - Heart Shaped Valentine

Page 7 - Lady, Heart and Bird

Page 8 - Little Girl and Heart.jpg

Page 9 - Little Girl in a Heart

Page 10 - To My Valentine

Page 11 - Valentine Remembrance

Page 12 - Vintage Angels with a Heart

Page 13 - Vintage Valentine card with Cupid

Page 14 - Vintage Valentine and Cupids

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