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Cheese and Wine for Valentine's Day


Cheese and Wine for Valentine's Day
Clip art of cheese and wine for Valentine's Day
Dixie Allan

Enjoy a romantic evening by putting together a wine and cheese party for two with your significant other and have an unforgettable romantic evening on Valentine's Day.

Few food and drink combinations are as festive, exciting and romantic as the age old pairing of cheese and wine. When put together, cheese and wine add up to more than just food and drink; they are an experience... a romantic experience to say the least.

Cheese is a delicacy of European culture and is said by some to resemble the scent of a woman. Embraced in Italian culture as an aphrodisiac, cheese contains ten times as much phenylethylamine, believed to release the same rush of hormones as chocolate… in other words, it puts you in a very romantic mood.

Cheese and Wine Accompaniments
While cheese and wine are great by themselves, you may also wish to have a few accompaniments. Think about serving the following with your assortment of cheese.

  • Fresh fruit such as grapes, apples, pears, strawberries, nectarines or plums
  • Dried fruit such as dried cranberries, dates, prunes or figs
  • A fruit compote with fresh cherries, dried fruits, and nuts
  • Fruit chutney, such as fig chutney
  • Toasted plain nuts such as pecans, walnuts, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts
  • Flavored nuts such as smoked almonds, candied walnuts or spiced pecans
  • Sweet baguette slices or perhaps walnut or dried fruit bread

Dress for the occasion, have romantic music playing and you will have a Valentine's Day to remember!

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