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Vintage Valentines


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Vintage Valentine
Clip Art of a Vintage Valentine
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On the following pages you will find clip art of Vintage Valentines. Below is a list of what to find on each page.

Page 2 - Vintage Valentine

Page 3 - Vintage Valentine with Swans

Page 4 - Vintage Lavender Valentine

Page 5 - Vintage Valentine with Cupid

Page 6 - Vintage Valentine with Little Girl

Page 7 - Vintage Valentine with Daffodils

Page 8 - Vintage Clown Valentine

Page 9 - Vintage Tale of Love Valentine

Page 10- Vintage Sweetheart Valentine

Page 11- Vintage Lace Valentine

Page 12- Vintage Child Clown Valentine

Page 13- Vintage Valentine with a Little Goy and a Little Girl

Page 14- Retro Child's Valentine

Page 15- Retro Child's Valentine #2

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