1. Technology
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Animated Birds Clip Art

Clip Art of Animated Birds


Animated birds clip art and free animated birds clip art of birds flying and hopping and other animation of birds.

1. Animal Graphics

Choose a page to view, then click on the individual text names to view the individual clip art of birds that includes brown birds, a sleepy bird, ducks, stork, flamingo, and other birds.

2. Bird Animated Gifs

Browse pages of animated birds clip art that includes a vulture in a tree, a cute blue bird on a limb with pink flowers, two colorful birds hopping, a yellow baby chick, a white cockatoo, and other animated birds.

3. Juniors Layouts

Find animated and glittered MySpace graphics of birds, including birds and flowers, a bird with a worm, a bald eagle, and other animated or glittered birds.

4. Meme Clip Art

Browse several pages of animated birds clip art of a bird sitting on a birdbath, flying birds, a bird with a worm, a singing chicken, a chicken on a nest and other birds, owls, flamingos, hummingbirds, and ducks.

5. Toonland Pelicans

View animated pelicans standing in water trying to catch fish and two little pelican babies.

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