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Free Tropical Fish Clip Art


11. Red-bellied Prianha

© Dixie Allan

Pretty to look at but not so good to swim with!

12. Red Salmon

© Dixie Allan

A very pretty salmon.

13. Reef Shark

© Dixie Allan

Sleek and attractive but again, not much fun to swim with.

14. The Seahorse Family

© Dixie Allan

Strange little creatures but fun to watch.

15. A Crabby Crab

© Dixie Allan

Beautiful colors and great to watch.

16. Louie the Lobster

© Dixie Allan

My favorite shellfish!

17. Blue Angelfish

© Dixie Allan

Sometimes called a silver angelfish.

18. Flame Angelfish

© Dixie Allan

This is the most colorful of all the angelfish.

19. Porcupine Fish

© Dixie Allan

Looks like he has quills like the porcupine mammal.

20. Spotted Catfish

© Dixie Allan

21. Yellow Tang

© Dixie Allan
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