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Dogs and Cats Clip Art


A clip art collection of dogs and cats.

1. Mother Cat and Her Babies

© Dixie Allan

This image is in honor of my sweet cat, Belle who just gave birth to her first litter. She is a wonderful mother!

2. Abysinnian

© Dixie Allan

One of the oldest breeds of cats.

3. A Group of Three Cats

© Dixie Allan

4. Yellow Tabby

© Dixie Allan

A smaller version of Morris the TV cat.

5. Siamese

© Dixie Allan

The siamese have beautiful blue eyes.

6. Scottish Fold

© Dixie Allan

They really do have ears, they are just folded down.

7. Grey Cat with Blue Eyes

© Dixie Allan

8. Bengal Kitten

© Dixie Allan

9. Gretchen, My Baby Girl

© Dixie Allan

The sweetest schnauzer the world!

10. Miniature Schnauzer

© Dixie ållan

A miniature schnauzer puppy.

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