1. Technology

Autism Clip Art Links

Find autism clip art that includes puzzle pieces, ribbons with puzzle pattern designs, word text, and other autism clip art and images.

Autism Photo Blinkies

Find photo clip blinkies with Autism and Asperger sayings.

Autism Awareness Graphics

Browse an awesome site with autism puzzle ribbons, tag or photo art with sayings, autusm globes, Myspace autism layouts, blinkies, hand clip art and sayings, photo frames and much more.

Autism Pecs

Cursor more than half way down the page to find non-verbal communication Pecs Pictures Sets for the most common activities, food pictures, and sign language symbols.

Discovery Education

View and download three puzzle pieces of blue and yellow pieces connected and a red puzzle piece to the right of the connected pieces.

Emm's Blinkies

Browse the blinkies to find a few Autism blinkies.

Emm's Graphics

Emm's Graphics Locate ribbons, puzzle pieces, and signs.

Fun Draw Puzzle Piece

Cursor down the page and choose JPEG or PNG to download an orange puzzle piece of clip art.

Piece by Piece

View a large assortment of Autism logos and signs.
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