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Cheerleader Clip Art

Find cheerleader clip art and free cheerleader clip art of individual cheerleaders, groups of cheerleaders, cheerleaers with pom-poms, megaphone clip art, pom-pom clip art, and other clip art of cheerleaders.

Animated Cheerleaders

View individual animated cheerleaders and groups of animated cheerleaders with pom poms. This clip art selection is for school teachers only.

Cheerleader Alphabet

Find small individual cheerleaders each holding a sign of one of the letters of the alphabet.


Download small cheerleaders in various positions holding pom poms.

CheerPlace Buttons and Bars

Download pom pom and megaphone dividers or linebars and buttons or icons.

CheerPlace Backgrounds

Find a selection of cheerleading Web page backgrounds.

CheerPlace Cheerleaders

View a page of cheerleaders with pom poms.

CheerPlace Megaphones

Find a page of megaphones in various sizes and colors.

Clips Ahoy: Cheerleading

Find clip art of cheerleaders with pom poms. Click on Next Page to view all images.

Clipart For Free

Find a selection of large and small cheerleading clip art images that includes static and animated clip art in various styles and designs.

Fotosearch Cheerleader Clip Art

Browse a page of varied cheerleading clip art images that include men, women, and children cheerleaders. Commercial Site.
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