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Create a Logo
Create a simple logo for your company, business, or Web site.
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What you need to know before creating a logo.

How to Download Clip Art

If your needs are fairly simple you can create your own company, or Web site logo using any graphics program that is capable of adding text and color to a simple design created with ovals, triangles, and rectangles.

I prefer to see simple company logos for Web sites. Animated logos are very eye-catching, and Flash logos are lovely and smooth flowing. However, if I pop into your site often to check your merchandise, it annoys me to wait while your animated logo loads or your Flash presentation finishes before I can click on and BUY your merchandise. Keep it simple or give me the opportunity to by-pass your Flash and animated logos.

If you prefer a Flash logo, feel free to browse the Online Creation Tools links.

Step One
Using your graphics program and the oval option create an oval in the color of your choice on a white background.

redoval.gif - 1.4 K

Step Two
Change your oval color to white and place another oval over the red to create a design like the one below.

reddesign.gif - 1.4 K

Step Three
Use your program to add text to your logo and you have created a quick, simple, and effective company or business logo for business cards, company stationery, or your business Web site.

redlogo.gif - 3.4 K

The easy logo below uses two shapes, two colors of text, and three shades of blue to create a design that could be used for business cards, a company logo, or your Web site name. Experiment with your graphics program, try various shapes, colors, and text to create your own unique logo.

bluehouse.gif - 2.4 K

Special Interest Clipart

Logo Templates
Plain and simple logo templates and examples of titles and text to use to create your own Web page logo.

Create It Yourself

Clip Art 101 Tutorials
Create simple bullets, dividers, buildings, trees, and more, using your own graphics program.

Creation Tutorials Using Various Programs
Create It Yourself tutorials, plus tutorials using Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, and Photoshop.

Online Creation Tools

Creation Tools is a new category of links to help you find free online generators for creating 3D images, banners, logos, buttons, and more.

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