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Doves Clip Art and Free Doves Clip Art Links

Find Bird clip art of Doves that includes free dove clip art links to animated doves, black and white doves, silhouette doves, doves with twigs, mourning doves, and other doves and illustrations.

ChristArt Doves
Find free for a link back dove clip art that includes outlined and shadowed doves in various colors, a dove and earth, flying dove holding a Bible, a hovering dove, a dove and heart image, two hands forming a dove image, and other dove graphics.

CKSinfo Doves
Find dove clip art of a blue dove carrying an envelope, a grey and blue homing pigeon, white doves, hands holding a dove, a mourning dove picture, an ornate dove banner drawing, and other dove images.

Clipart ETC
Download a dove with radiating sun-like lines. There are three different sizes, plus the title thumbnail that may be downloaded and used.

Fotosearch Doves
Browse through this selection of clip art to locate a dove resting in evergreen boughs, doves and wedding bells, doves with olive branches, a stylized dove, dove ornaments, doves flying around Earth, and other dove clip art. Commercial Site.

FunDraw Dove
Cursor down the page to Download Clip Art and choose either a JPEG or a PNG format line drawn dove to download.

Gospel Clip Art
Download a blue outlined dove in flight for your projects.

HIOX India Doves
View one dove image in 48 different colors.

Microsoft Office Online
Find dove clip art that includes doves with twigs, a dove with an envelope sealed with a heart, doves flying over the Ark, and other dove images.

Pastiche Family Portal
View a white dove holding an earth ornament on a strip of blue color with Peace on Earth text.

Peace Doves
Cursor down the page to find a selection of peace doves carrying twigs.

TwoHearts Doves
Locate an angel and a dove, a dove with a twig, a dove and earth picture, doves on a branch, a silhouette of a dove, blue raised dove images, a dove flying over water, and other dove images.

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