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National Farriers Week


National Farriers Week
Clip Art for National Farriers Week
Dixie Allan

National Farriers Week, which occurs during the second week of July each year, was created by the American Farriers Journal as a special way for the equine community to pay respect to a very important group of hoof care professionals and recognize the contributions they make to the horse world.

Not only do farriers perform normal shoeing and trimmings, but they also often find themselves serving as consultants to horse owners, answering questions and giving advice on everything from feed to barn conditions to veterinarian recommendations. They work in the elements of frigid winters and scorching summers, all while trying to avoid the many dangerous situations the job brings. Good shoers are working diligently to improve their footcare knowledge through study and clinics — they strive to become better professionals.

During the second week of July, take the opportunity to say "thank you" for all the terrific work farriers do.

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