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National Hot Dog Month


National Hot Dog Month
Clip Art For National Hot Dog Month
Dixie Allan

During the month of July, the hot dog is honored with lots of information and fun facts about the wonderful wiener which has managed to capture America's hearts for well over a century.

This event was started by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.

So where did the idea of the hot dog originate? Quite fittingly, the German city of Frankfurt is said to be the birthplace of the sausage used in hot dogs -- the frankfurter. They even celebrated the 500th birthday of the hot dog in 1987.

Although the idea originated in Germany, the official name “hot dog” was first used in 1901 in New York City at the New York Polo Grounds, where food vendors were selling dachshund sausages in bread rolls and shouted to the public, “Get your dachshund sausages while they're red hot!”

Tad Dorgon, a sports cartoonist, was in the press box and could hear the vendors. After sketching the main scene for a local publication, Dorgon didn’t know how to spell “dachshund,” so he ended up calling them “hot dogs” in his newspaper cartoon the following day. And the rest is history…

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