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The Corn Maze


The Corn Maze
Clip Art of a Corn Maze, scarecrow and jack o'lanterns
© Dixie Allan

Mazes date back as far as the stories of the Labyrinth of King Minos and have been popular features of English Manors and buildings modeled on them for centuries.

There is some dispute about the exact origin of the corn maze. Many people believe the first corn maze was the Amazing Maize Maze constructed by Don Frantz in 1993. Others credit the designer Adrian Fisher from England as the father of the modern maze. Regardless of who should have the the credit, it is believed that corn mazes were inspired by the fascination with crop circles in the early to mid-1990’s. The first mazes that were constructed were an immediate hit and their popularity quickly spread. Within a few years, there were hundreds of mazes operating in the United States alone, and many more in Europe.

Today there are mazes for children as well as teens ad adults all across the country. There is no better way to celebrate the fall season and Halloween than to visit a corn maze. Take the entire family and enjoy a day on the farm!

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