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Tooth Fairy Certificate


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Tooth Fairy Certificate
Clip Art of a Tooth Fairy Certificate
Dixie Allan

The Tooth Fairy is a childhood favorite and the first time the Tooth Fairy visits is a special occasion.

Make this visit extra special with this certificate you can print, fill in the child's name, the date they lost the tooth, and it even has a place to keep track of how many teeth they have lost. It is signed by the Tooth Fairy and states that it is the official signature of the Tooth Fairy.

This document is 7" wide by 5" tall. Having this size allows you to print two certificates on one sheet of paper. I have included a layout on page 2 if you want to print two at a time. If not, just print the clip art on page one and you are all set to brighten up the eyes of your child each time they loose a tooth.

Page 1 -

One Certificate per page to print

Page 2 -

Two Certificates per page to print

For a lot more information on the history and legend of the Tooth Fairy, visit:

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