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Fairy Clip Art and Butterfly Fairies

View fairy clip art and butterfly fairies of fairies, elves, gnomes, trolls, backgrounds, animation, icons, and other free fairy and fantasy clip art links.

Animated Fairies Clip Art

Find and download animated fairies that glitter, sparkle, twinkle, fly, and flutter, plus fairies with flowers, fairies with magic wands, Tinkerbell, and other fairy animations.

Fairy Clip Art

Browse a collected clip art of fairies and butterfly fairies, plus a flying pixie.

Kaboose Fairies

Find boy and girl fairies, plus a tiny fairy icons set download for both the Mac and PC.

Kittekat Design: Fairies

Cursor down the page to find and download background sets of lovely small fairy children. All the sets include a title and navigation buttons.

School Clip Art: Fairies

Locate small fairy clipart that includes a fairy on a mushroom, a fairy with a rose, and more. These images can be used for educational purposes.

Sevenoaks Fairies

View three animated fairies created by Dave Sutton of a fairy sitting on a yellow rose, a fairy sitting on a red rose, and fairy swinging on a daisy chain swing.

Web Weaver's Fairies

Find pages of fairies including Tinkerbell.
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