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Family Clip Art Links

Locate clip art of families that inlcudes fathers with children, mothers with children, and family groups, plus families at home and involved in other activities.

A Perfect World: Family Clip Art

Cursor down the clip art page to find black and white clip art of families that includes a family walking, a mother and children, fathers and children, moms with children, and more.


Put the word FAMILIES in the Find Images Now search box to find pages of royalty free clip art that includes parents, children, and family members playing and doing other activities. Subscription Required.

Clips Ahoy

Find pages of family clip art that includes mothers, fathers and children, plus other family members. Click on Next to view all the pages.

CoolCLIPS: Families

Locate clip art of families that includes a family swimming, a mother and daughter reading, a grandfather and boy fishing, a family walking in the rain, and more.

eDigg Family Clip Art

View color, plus black and white images, that includes a family sitting at the table, a family group of a mom, a dad, a baby, and a boy, etc. Click on Download to view the image full sized and to download it.

Family by Phillip Martin

Browse two pages of family and consumer clip art by Phillip Martin that includes conflict resolution, friendship, feelings, consumerism, life skills, manners, neighbors, safety, and more.

Families Sing Clip Art

Download clip art of families of birds singing, three singing birds in a next with Families Sing text, a Families Sing title with musical notes, and a large group of birds singing on telephone wires with musical notes. Commercial site.

Fotosearch: Family

Find royalty free clipart and illustrations of families that includes a family standing by a tombstone, a woman and girl reading, a man shouting at teenage girl wearing headphones, and other clip art. Choose to buy an individual image or the clip art disc that is available with that image and related images. Commercial Site.

Gali's Free Clip Art

Click on the clip art descriptions to view the individual images that includes a grandmother with her grandchildren, a boy and girl with their new born sister, brothers riding a bicycle, and animal families, plus other family clip art.

Inmagine Royalty Free Clip Art

Find unique royalty free clip art that includes a man, woman, and soldier singing, an earth man holding a boy and a girl, a family and a home in a heart shaped picture, etc. Commercial Site.

Kams Art

http://webclipart.about.com/od/familyclipar1/Family_Clip_Art_Links.htm Find family clip art, plus a sleepy father, a picture of mother, a skater, and more. Click on the name of the image to view each clip art.

Public Domain Clip Art

Find a black and white image of a man holding a little boy in his lap and reading a book to him.

Screen Beans: Family

View a sample of clip art from the Screen Bean Family group that is available on a CD or as a download. The samples include a family hiking, a baby eating, children jumping on a bed, and a baby in a stroller.
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