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Breakfast Foods Clip Art


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Pancakes and Syrup
Clip Art of Pancakes and Syrup
© Dixie Allan

On the following pages you will find a different image on each page. Here is a list of what to find on each of the pages.

Page 1 - A Chocolate Covered Doughnut
Page 2 - A Carton of Milk
Page 3 - A Plate of Doughnuts
Page 4 - A Ripe Melon
Page 5 - A Tray of Danish
Page 6 - Alphabet Cereal
Page 7 - Cheerios
Page 8 - Glass of Orange Juice
Page 9 - Pancakes and Sausage
Page 10 - Pancakes and Syrup
Page 11 - Sausage and Eggs
Page 12 - Strawberry Jam and Toast
Page 13 - Toast and Coffee

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