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A Plate of Chocolates
Clip Art of A Plate of Chocolates
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What Is a Dessert?

Dessert is a collective name for sweet dishes considered suitable for the last course of a meal. These dishes include cakes, ice creams, custards, raw and cooked fruit, puddings, pastries and pies. The word derives from French desservir, meaning to remove the dishes, or clear the table. It's first known use was in 1600.

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Page 1 - A Plate of Chocolates
Page 2 - Apple Pie
Page 3 - Cherry Pie
Page 4 - Chocolate Covered Doughnut
Page 5 - Chocolate Malt
Page 6 - Chocolate Mousse
Page 7 - Chocolate Pudding
Page 8 - Chocolate Torte
Page 9 - Cookies and a Cookie Jar
Page 10 - Pumpkin Pie
Page 11 - Strawberry Ice Cream Soda
Page 12 - Strawberry Shortcake

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