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Bowl of Fruit
Clip Art of a Bowl of Fruit
Dixie Allan

Everyone loves a snack. Here you will find clip art of some popular snacks which do include some healthy foods. On each page you will find another piece of clip art and below is a list of what you will find.

Page 1Bowl of Fruit
Page 2Chocolate Candy Bar
Page 3Cookies and Milk
Page 4Dish of Candy
Page 5Ice Cream Bar
Page 6Peanuts
Page 7Popcorn
Page 8Popsicle
Page 9Potato Chips
Page 10Pretzels
Page 11Ice Cream Sundae Topped With Fruit
Page 12Watermelon

Citrus Fruit Clip Art
Fruit Clip Art
Nuts Clip Art
Breakfast Foods
Hamburgers and Sandwiches
Cakes and Cupcakes
How TO Decorate Your Cupcakes Clip Art
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