1. Technology

Footprint Clipart

Download footprint clipart of footprint silhouettes, colorful footprints, shoe prints, paw prints, dance instruction footprints, and other footprint clipart.

Baby Footprint Clipart

Find a selection of cute baby footprints and hand prints. A free 7 day trial is available.

Discovery Education

Find one very large footprint silhouette. Please read the Copyright and Use information under the image for the terms and restrictions.

FotoSearch Footprints

Find footprints, shoeprints, paw prints, footprints in the sand, dance step footprint instructions, and other footprint clipart. Commercial Site.

Hscripts.com: Footprints

Find clipart images of a set of footprints in 48 different colors.

Public Domain Clipart

A large silhouette of a left footprint.

Silhouette Clipart: Footprints

Clipart of four footprints walking up the page.
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