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Frog and Turtle Links

Download free frog clip art and turtle clip art of frogs and turtles and tortise, plus frogs jumping, on lily pads, in ponds, toads, tadpoles, and other frog clip art and turtle clip art.

Animated Frogs
Browse free animated clip art links to big frogs, little frogs, frogs catching flies, frogs on lily pads, jumping frogs, and other frog animations.

Artvex.com: Frogs and Toads
View a selection of frog and toad clip art that includes a frog bride and expressive frogs.

Cartoon Cottage: Frogs
Find an animated frog taking a shower, a frog on a lily pad, a jumping frog, a frog in a puddle, and a frog with an email sign.

Free Frog Clipart
Download frog clip art that includes a red frog, a purple frog, green frogs, a frog prince, and a frog wearing a wizard hat.

Frogville USA
Browse pages of frog clip art that includes tree frogs, brown frogs, green frogs, red frogs, frogs on lilypads, silly frogs, and more.

Graphix by snogirl: Wild Animals
View a small selection of frogs, toads, and turtles.

View a cute selection of frogs created by Loraine Wauer-Ferus: frogs with hats, frogs with bows, frogs and flowers, frog navigation images, etc. Click on the link near the middle of the page for accessories for your frog and a frog line bar.

Internet Clipart: Toads
A small selection of photo clipart objects of toads, including a toad sitting on a dogs head.

Larvalbug: Frogs
Browse a selection of black and white frogs and toads. Some of the images are fairly large.

Larvalbug: Turtles
Browse a nice selection of small turtles in a variety of colors.

Original Country Clipart by Lisa
Download a background of muted green frogs, plus cute frogs in a pond, a boy and a frog, lily pad menu buttons, a frog divider, and more.

Rabbit's Animal Collection: Frogs
Find cute frog icons, frogs on lily pads, frog menu buttons, backgrounds, animated frogs, and lines.

School Clip Art: Frogs
View a selection of frog clip art that can be used for educational purposes.

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