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Hearts Clip Art

Browse links to heart clip art and free heart clip art of hearts in various styles and designs, including hearts created with flowers, odd shaped heart characters with sayings, and other clip art of hearts of in a multitude of different colors.

Free Heart Clipart
Find one heart image in various sizes and in different colors and textures scattered throughout this long page between various advertisements.

Heart Clip Art
Find hearts in a variety of designs and colors that includes a snake-like blue and light purple heart design, a red heart surrounded by greenery, blue and pink entwined hearts, and other heart images.

Hearts From LillyARTS
Find funny red hearts and heart shaped characters with cute sayings.

Packrat Valentine's Day
View a selection of hearts designed with flowers, lace, and other designs.

School Clip Art: Hearts
View a red heart on a gold cross, a red heart candy box, red hearts on a pair of shorts, and other heart clipart that can be used for educational purposes.

Two Hearts Design
Download heart designs that includes hearts in a basket, a heart of flowers, a heart lock and key, two heart designs, heart balloons, heart flowers, heart frames, and more.

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