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Kites Clip Art


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Kids Flying Kites
Clip Art of Kids Flying Kites
© Dixie Allan

Here we have kids having fun flying kites!

You will find a different piece of clip art of each page. Below is a list of what is on each page.

Page 1 Kids Flying Kites
Page 2 Colorful Kite
Page 3 Multi-colored Kite
Page 4 Blue and Green Kite
Page 5 Blue Bird Kite
Page 6 Father and Son Flying a Kite
Page 7 Kite with a Long Tail
Page 8 Orange Kite
Page 9 Red Kite

For more kite information, visit the following link.

How To Make A Kite

Color A Kite

Here is a link for instructions on How to Download Images

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