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Clip Art for Valentines Day


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Clip Art for Valentines Day
Clip Art of a Heart with a line drawing
© Dixie Allan

On the following pages you will find clip art of hearts, Cupid, Cats with Valentines and much more! Below is a list of what to find on each page.

Page 2 - Blue Heart

Page 3 - Cupid in a Heart

Page 4 - Cute Cupid

Page 5 - Floral Heart

Page 6 - Gold Heart with Curls

Page 7 - Heart made with Flowers

Page 8 - Heart with a Red Design

Page 9 - Heart with Flowers and a Bird

Page 10- Heart with Pastel Roses

Page 11- Mice with a Cheese Valentine

Page 12- Pink Heart

Page 13- Pink Heart #2

Page 14- Pink Heart #3

Page 15- Red Bow

Page 16- Swirly Heart

Page 17- Three Valentine Cats

Page 18- Valentine with Cute Little Creatures

Page 19- Valentine Seal

Page 20- Yellow Heart

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