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How Do Those Reindeer Fly?


How Do Those Reindeer Fly?
Clip Art of How Do Those Reindeer Fly?
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Here you will find clip art of How Do Those Reindeer Fly? Reindeer are a species of deer whose natural habitat is the far northern areas of arctic Europe, Asia and North America extending onto the tundra above the tree-line. The name for these deer found native to North America is "Caribou", but in Europe they are known as the "Reindeer", and they are one and the same species. The reindeer is thought to have first been domesticated by humans at least 3,000 years ago in northern Eurasia and still remains the only deer to be widely domesticated.

  • They are the only species of deer in which both male, female and even calves have antlers.
  • They shed their antlers annually and new antler growth occurs in the spring and summer.
  • In their natural habitat they eat leaves, herbs, lichens, sedges, and fungi, while in captivity they are fed a balanced diet of commercial grains, forage and supplements.
  • Almost all reindeer in Europe and Asia are domesticated while in the North American arctic there are vast herds of wild Caribou that migrate great distances every year.

Santa's Reindeer and Folklore about How They Can Fly

Santa's reindeer, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph are the only known flying reindeer in existence. It is believed the reindeer are given the power of flight by magic corn given to Kris Kringle by his good friend, the Great Wizard. Through this magic corn, the reindeer's strength is increased to three times a normal reindeer's strength, their stamina in increased to infinity and their hoofs can use the air as if it were solid ground. This means that the normal reindeer count of nine can pull a sleigh full of toys up to 13,500 pounds for an unlimited amount of time.

Another folk tale says it is the elves who sprinkle magic dust on the reindeer on Christmas Eve to make them fly. Still others believe the reindeer eat a special blend of grains that give them flying-power, or that Santa has magical carrots that he feeds to them. Others say that Santa sprinkles the reindeer with Aviation Dust that makes them able to fly.

But the most believed reason reindeer can fly is thanks to the simple magic of the Christmas spirit and the twinkle in the eyes of all the little children!

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