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Thanksgiving Clip Art


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Thanksgiving Clip Art
Thanksgiving Clip Art
© Dixie Allan

Here you will find clip art for Thanksgiving, the fall season and harvest days. Go to page 2 for vintage thanksgiving postcards.

A Colorful Tom Turkey

A Proud Tom Turkey

A Basket of Harvest Vegetables

A Roasted Turkey

A Hungry Thanksgiving Kitty

A Candy Corn Wreath

Basket of Red Apples

Basket of Harvest Vegetables

A Fall Cornucopia

A Pilgrim Hat

A Pilgrim Hat and Gun

Mr. Scarecrow

Cornucopia Word Art

Thanksgiving Grapevine Wreath

Thanksgiving Leaves Word Art

Thanksgiving Preparations

A Different Thanksgiving Menu

The Mayflower

Turkey with Harvest Foods

A Watering Can full of Fall Leaves

A Wooden Cart Full of Pupmpkins

A Unique Turkey

Thanksgiving Bottle Cap

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