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Uncle Sam Day


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Uncle Sam Day Poster
Clip Art of Uncle Sam Wants You
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Uncle Sam is certainly one of America's most recognized symbols. He appears on everything from military posters to cartoon images to advertising media and is perhaps, the most recognizable symbol in the United States.

The official theory as to how Uncle Sam emerged dates back to the soldiers stationed near Troy, New York during the war of 1812. Barrels of meat they received were stamped "U.S." The supplier was Samuel Wilson of Troy, New York and the solders jokingly referred to him as "Uncle Sam". In 1813, the first image of "Uncle Sam" appeared. In 1961, the US Congress issued a resolution recognizing "Uncle Sam" Wilson, and authorizing a monument in his hometown in Troy, NY.

Uncle Sam Day became official in 1989, when a joint resolution of Congress designated September 13 "Uncle Sam Day".  This date was selected, as "Uncle Sam" Wilson was born on September 13, 1776.

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