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Vintage Thanksgiving Cards


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Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard
Clip Art of a boy and girl at their Thanksgiving table
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Postcards became popular at the turn of the 20th Century, especially for sending short messages to friends and relatives. They were collected right from the start and are still sought after today by collectors of pop culture, advertising, wartime memorabilia, local history, and many other categories.

There are many types of collectible vintage postcards. Hold-to-light postcards were made with tissue paper surrounded by two pieces of regular paper, so light would shine through. Fold-out postcards, popular in the 1950s, had multiple postcards attached in a long strip. Real photograph postcards are photographs with a postcard backing.

Novelty postcards were made using wood, aluminum, copper, and cork. Silk postcards, often embroidered or with a printed image, were wrapped around cardboard and sent in see-through glassine paper envelopes These were especially popular during WW1. In the 1930s and 1940s, postcards were printed on brightly colored paper designed to look like linen.

Enjoy these five Thanksgiving cards!

Each page will have a different vintage postcard.

Page 1 - Happy Thanksgiving Postcard Page 2 - Thanksgiving Card Still Life Page 3 - Thanksgiving Turkey and Little Boy Postcard Page 4 - Thanksgiving Turkey and Little Girl Postcard Page 5 - Thanksgiving Turkey and Little Boy Postcard

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