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Halloween Clip Art

Witches, bats, graves, ghosts and other free Halloween clip art.


Find Halloween clip art of witches, ghosts, scarecrows, pumpkins, graves, bats, and other clip art for Halloween.

1. Halloween Web Page Backgrounds

Orange Tile Background
Bobbie Peachey
Find Halloween backgrounds of Web page background tiles of orange and black, plus a ghostly border designed Web page background set with menu buttons, bullets, linebar, and title.

2. Bats Clip Art

Bat Clip Art
Bobbie Peachey
Find bats, bats and graves, and ghosts, bats, and graves, plus bats flying against big yellow moons, ghostly trees scenes with bats, and orange moons,

3. Halloween Food Clip Art

Cupcakes With Black Candles
Bobbie Peachey
Locate Halloween food clip art of cakes with orange icing decorated with tombstones and cupcakes with orange icing decorated with black candles.

4. Ghost Clip Art

Ghost Image
Bobbie Peachey
Download ghost clip art of ghosts, bats, and graves, a section of friendly ghosts, computer people characters and ghosts, plus ghosts flitting through silhouetted trees.

5. Owl Clip Art

Owl on a Tree Stump
Bobbie Peachey
Find owls sitting on tree stumpls, owls, bats and yellow moons, and other owls for Halloween.

6. Computer Characters Clip Art

Computer Character and Ghost
Bobbie Peachey
Grab some Halloween clip art of computer character people with ghosts, computer people reading books, and computer people stirring bubbling witches brew.

7. Pumpkins Clip Art

Pumpkins and Vines
Bobbie Peachey
Browse Halloween clip art of pumpkins, pumpkins and vines, pumpkin dividers, jack-o'- lanterns, and other pumpkin images.

8. Scarecrow Clip Art

Scarecrow Clip Art
Bobbie Peachey
Download clip art of scarecrows, scarecrows with pumpkins, scarecrows with bats and owls, and scarecrows with drop shadows.

9. Halloween Titles Clip Art

Halloween Title
Bobbie Peachey
View Halloween clip art titles and headers with pumpkins, ghosts, scarecrows, owls and other Halloween designed titles.

10. Witch Clip Art

Witch Clip Art
Bobbie Peachey
Halloween clip art of large and small witches flying on brooms, plus large and small witches flying across a yellow moon.

11. Witches Cauldrons Clip Art

Witches Brew
Bobbie Peachey
Download Halloween clip art of large and small caldrons of witches brew with colorful bubbles, plus the same images with drop shadows.

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