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Australia Day Clip Art

Australian Clip Art and Resources


On January 26, 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and became its first Governor. In 1946, the Commonwealth Government, States and Territories agreed to observe Australia Day on the Monday closest to January 26. In 1994 however, all the states and territories endorsed the celebration of Australia Day and it has been held on January 26 ever since.

Locate original mouse drawn Australian Day Clip Art that includes the following topics and indexes:

Aussie Outback Hats
Tan and brown Aussie Outback hats and the same Australian hats shadowed.
Children Wearing Aussie Hats
Boys, girls, and ethnic children wearing Australian Outback hats.
Computer People With Flags
Computer people wearing Aussie hats and waving Australia and Aboriginal flags.
Individual and crossed Aboriginal and Australian flags.
Large, medium, and small brown and tan kangaroos.
Kangaroos with Flags
Kangaroos holding Australian and Aboriginal flags.
Proud to be Australian
Computer people, kangaroos, and flags with Proud to be Australian text.
Australia Day Titles
Australian clip art images with Australia Day titles and headers.

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