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Halloween Clip Art and Resources

Browse Halloween clip art, activities, fun, games, crafts, food, crafts, and other Halloween holiday extras.

Please follow the terms of usage required for each Web site. These terms vary greatly from site to site.

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A Bunch of Grapes Halloween Costume
A cute and fairly simple costume for an adult or a child for Halloween.

Are You Afraid Of Halloween?
Some ghostly and ghouly child friendly suggested sites to visit that have a bit of Halloween history, crafts, games, and fun things to do. (Very small children could be frightened. Parents need to monitor).

Bats for Halloween
Black bats, gray bats, silver bats, a dark, eerie bat, and a moon scene.

Beadwork for Halloween
Create a tiny witch doll with beads for a Halloween necklace. Make two of the tiny with dolls for Halloween earrings. Ready for more beadwork? Try this Indian Corn project, or the this cute little Pumpkin.

Candy Web Graphics
Clipart treats for Halloween of colorful lollipops, flavorful wrapped candy, a blue bowl of treats, red & white peppermint, candy backgrounds, and more.

Clip Art for Halloween
Bats, graves, friendly ghosts, witches, bubbling brew, black cat and pumpkin plus titles, headers, and more.

Clip Art Links for Halloween
Pumpkins, black cats, ghosts, witches, tombstones, monsters, scarecrows, and other graphics and animation for Halloween.

Crochet Halloween Patterns on the Web
Links to some great Halloween patterns, such as a spider web doily, witch, ghost, black cat, and more.

Desktop Publishing Halloween Clip Art and Transfers
Halloween Iron-on transfer graphics. Ghosts, Jack-o-lanterns, bats, and more. The smaller size images are suitable for your Halloween Web pages.

Dripping Blood Alphabet Set for Halloween
Eerie dripping blood red alphabet set for Halloween, complete with tips on alignment and fine tuning.

Halloween Costume: Tails
Easy directions for creating tails to complete that special Halloween costume. Directions for a pig, a lion, and a cow tail, plus a bird feather tail.

Keeping Halloween Economical
Ideas and links to simple, economical costumes, headgear, and accessories for Halloween.

Marriage: Costumes for Halloween
Halloween Costume Ideas for the Procrastinating Couple! Some of the ideas are simple, some are cute, and some are just plain funny!

Parenting of K-6 Children: Halloween Ideas
Party ideas, costumes, decorations, invitations, and much more. A great site to help you plan that special Halloween party.

Pumpkin Seed Mosaics for Halloween
A bit of the history of mosaics and a pumpkin seed project for students, children, and adults.

Stay-at-Home Parents
Money saving tips for Halloween, some neat clipart, and a set of blood-dripping letters.

Tea Bag Costume for Halloween
An interesting and economical Halloween costume made with interfacing and fall leaves.

The image at the top of the page is from the Web Clip Art holiday collection created by Bobbie Peachey.

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