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Summer Clip Art 2013


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An Aloha Sign
Clip Art Of An Aloha Sign
Dixie Allan

Here are a group of images that are all about summer. A new image is on each page and listed below is what you will find.

Page 1 - An Aloha Sign
Page 2 - BBQ Grill
Page 3 - Beach House with Pretty Palm Trees
Page 4 - Beach Scene
Page 5 - Drinks In A Tub For The Picnic
Page 6 - Flip Flops Hanging On A Line
Page 7 - Hat And Sunglasses
Page 8 - Hot Dog Truck
Page 9 - Ice Cream Truck
Page 10 - It's Summertime Sign
Page 11 - Kids Eating Ice Cream
Page 12 - Kids In Floaties
Page 13 - Picnic Basket
Page 14 - Summer Banner
Page 15 - Summer Fun Sign
Page 16 - Summer Tee Shirt

Here is a list of Summer Fun Facts that you will find interesting. I hope you enjoy reading them.

  • The Dog Days of Summer refers to the weeks between July 3rd and August 11th. They are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the constellation of Canis Major.
  • PT Barnum's circus began It's first tour of US on June 2, 1835.
  • School summer vacations were invented by educator Horace Mann in 1840.
  • June 2, 1835- PT Barnum's circus begins first tour of US.
  • The Summer Olympics take place every four years. They were held for the first time in Greece more than two thousand years ago. The modern Summer Olympics were revived in 1896.
  • The first mailboxes were put up in the United States in in Boston, Massachusetts and New York, New York on August 2, 1858.
  • Watermelon is summer's most popular vegetable. It is part of the cucumber, pumpkin, and squash family. The average American eats 15 pounds of watermelon a year and these juicy favorites are 92 percent water.
  • July is National Ice Cream Month. More Americans buy ice cream in July than any other month.
  • Summers spent throwing a Frisbee back and forth to each other owe their game to a pie maker named Mr. Frisbee. They were originally designed as pie plates in the 1870s.
  • June is named for the Roman goddess Juno (Hera). Romans began the summer wedding tradition, choosing June for Juno's blessing and that tradition has continued to stick around
  • Outdoor water parks open for the summer months and theme parks all over the nation are busy during the summer. Water-skiing, boating, water boarding, surfing and beach volleyball are also popular summer time activities.
  • The first bathing suits for women were introduced in the early 1800's. At that time it was still considered improper for skin to be any color but creamy white. The first "suits" were composed of long sleeved bathing dresses with woolen bloomers underneath to weight the dress down. The only swimming a woman did at that time was to jump waves at the edge of the water and dip her feet, and occasionally her legs, into the water.
  • The first day of summer is known as the summer solstice and in the US it falls on June 20 or June 21 each year, depending on when the sun is furthest north of the equator.
  • Mosquitoes are insects that have been around for 30 million years. They have chemical sensors that can detect mammals from 100 feet away, heat sensors to detect warm-blooded creatures and they have visual sensors that detect movement and contrast in colors. The first activity of an adult mosquito is to mate. The females lay their eggs and then live from days to months afterward. The male mosquito dies within days after mating.
  • The powdered drink Kool-Aid was invented in 1927 by the chemist Edwin Perkins. Hastings, Nebraska celebrates Kool-Aid days on the second weekend of August.

  • In 1905, an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson invented the first Popsicle. He created it completely by accident. Frank accidentally left a mixture of powdered soda and water, with a stirring stick, on his porch. He awoke the next morning and found a frozen pop! He first named his frozen pop an "Epsicle", but when he got older his kids asked for "Pop's" sicle and the new name was born. Hastings, Nebraska where that celebrate Kool-Aid days in the summer.
  • Dr. Pepper and the Ice cream cone was introduced during the 1904 St. Louis Exposition, where the 1904 Summer Olympics took place.
  • The so-called 'Peace Sign' or symbol may have had biblical origins, but in the sixties, it stood for the combined semaphore letters 'N' and 'D' for Nuclear Disarmament.
  • The Eiffel tower grows six inches every year. In the summer the metal expands to make the tower grow taller but in the winter the metal contracts to shrink the tower back down.
  • Alaska is a land of almost unimaginable scale. Stretching across 586,000 square miles of untamed wilderness, Alaska is one-fifth the size of the contiguous United States. It contains the tallest mountain in North America, Mt. McKinley, which many Alaskans simply call "the mountain." And of course, the Land of the Midnight Sun has longer summer days than any other state. Alaska boasts over three million lakes, 3,000 rivers, 1,800 islands, and more than 100,000 glaciers.
  • The average cruise ship burns approximately one gallon of fuel to move just 6 inches.
  • The wingspan of Boeing's 747 is longer than the Wright brothers' first flight.
  • By eliminating 1 olive from each salad served in first-class, American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987.
  • As cats sharpen their claws, they leave a scent signals. Glands in the feet leave secretions, letting other cats know who has been there. Also, in certain places on the cat's body, there are special sabaceous glands that produce the secretions used to leave Scent messages: These glands are clustered around the cat's face, neck, shoulders, near it's tail, and on the under sides of the paw.
  • Adult cats shed their coats three times a year spring, summer, and in autumn.

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